About Unlimited Payment Links

— If you don't know how to use API and don't want to write code - UPL are your choice!
— One UPL - one text product, which you can automatically sell, for example: link to download a file, pincode, password, link to closed channels / groups or everything that comes to mind!
— Your clients will see the hidden text (product) only after payment!
— You can use all coins - invoices will be the same as if you use our API.
— Demo: https://paycrypto.global/pl/demo_shop

How it works?

1. Create a link.
2. Send this link to unlimited number of your customers.
3. Each customer will get own invoice.
4. After payment - you will get money directly to your wallet and your client will see hidden text.
5. Each new invoice (when your customer open link) decreases (-1) requests limit (control your limits on API key page)
6. Each payment (when your customer pays) decreases (-1) transaction limit (control your limits on API key page)
7. You can edit or delete link at any time you want without limits!

Your links

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Can't create a link!

You have to buy one of the plans!