Accept Direct Cryptocurrency Payments

NO kyc, NO fees, NO registration! Full privacy and Peer-to-Peer payments (15 popular coins) in your projects.
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About Us

With PayCrypto, you will be able to receive clients' money directly to your crypto wallets. 100% privacy - we do not keep transaction data after they are completed, we also do not use cabinets and we do not ask for your mail! All you need to work with us is to get an API key. Grow up your business, increase conversion, open new frontiers - we will take care of everything else!

  • Get API key -->

    and configure your project according to the API docs section.

  • Receive automatic notifications (webhooks)

    that your buyer has made a transfer to your crypto wallet.

  • Process this notification in your code

    and top up the client's balance or give him a product/service.


S Plan

$5 / 30 days

  • 50 transactions per day
  • 500 invoice requests per day
  • 5 Unlim Payment Links (noAPI)
  • All coins
  • Payment page design
  • Shop side payments

U Plan

$100 / 30 days

  • 9000 transactions per day
  • 90000 invoice requests per day
  • 900 Unlim Payment Links (noAPI)
  • All coins
  • Payment page design
  • Shop side payments
Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a unique service for our client's projects. With our acquiring you can receive payments on your site directly from customers to your own crypto wallets.

It's true, we take absolutely no commissions on your transactions. You get all the money from your customers in full. Our service works on a monthly subscription basis with attractive pricing and different tariff categories to suit your needs.

We don't get any part of your payments - your customers pay directly to your wallets! All delays are due only to the speed of getting confirmations in blockchain. As soon as we see that the transaction is really received by your wallet, your website immediately receives webhook.

As we reported above, we charge absolutely no fees for your transactions. Your money - is your money! That's why the service works on a monthly subscription basis. With our help, you can save money that you would spend on commissions at our competitors.

Yeah! You can use instead of anywhere you want!