How it works?

  • Your customer wants to topup his balance, or buys something in your shop, or anything else.
  • A.1. You prepare and send request to our API and get a payment link.
  • A.2. This link you have to show to your client, when he visit invoice page, he can select comfortable coin and pay directly to your wallet.
  • OR B.1. You prepare and send request to our API and get all information for YOUR own payment page.
  • B.2. Your customer will stay ON YOUR SITE, BOT or some kind of another project, choose comfortable coin and pay directly to your wallet.
  • Every minute our system check blockchains and incomes to your wallets (so the amount of transaction must be exactly the same, as on invoice page or in API answer (B.1-2), so at the same time two or more customers will never get same amounts on one wallet. The amounts will vary by 0.01 - 0.000000001 depending on the coin)
  • When transaction get the required number of confirmations (each coin has own number of confirmations) - PayCrypto will send webhook (POST JSON) to your project.
  • After processing this notification, you will be able to do for your customer all that he wants. All in your hands!

So the main theses:

  • You get payments INSTANTLY AND DIRECTLY to your wallets.
  • Every request to our API can be totally different (you can specify different coins, wallets, etc.)
    Example: for first client you can specify one wallet, for second - another.. (as we said - our api is very easy, but super powerfull)
  • Your money is SAFE cause you DON'T NEED TO REQUEST A WITHDRAWAL (they are already in your wallet and only you have access to it)
  • You don't need a company, documents, KYC..

What is PayCrypto for?

Let's start from afar, cryptocurrencies in the modern world are a way of anonymous, fast and secure exchange of funds.
They are quite popular and are used by people from all over the world. However, cryptocurrencies actually still have a huge growth potential. At the moment, there are not so many services and stores that accept payment in cryptocurrencies. It is difficult to overestimate the growth potential of this sphere, this technology has a great future and over time most stores and services will start accepting cryptocurrency payments.
At the moment, there are also not so many services that provide solutions in the field of crypto-acquiring. But even the existing services actually work according to an outdated principle - a lot of checks, money delays on the side of the payment system, complex and lengthy verifications. In fact, everything works the same way as with a regular fiat, without using the main advantages of new technologies, only the way of transferring money changes.
We have experience in running online businesses, stores, and telegram bots, and we know how important a reliable and easy-to-use payment system is for the owner of any project on the Internet.
Therefore, we have developed PayCrypto Global - an easy-to-understand, open and secure system. The name speaks for itself - with the help of us, you can receive cryptocurrency payments from people from all over the planet, without bothering with lengthy registrations, delays and commissions.
You can easily integrate PayCrypto and start selling your services and products in a convenient way today. Convenient for you and for your customers.
The future belongs to new technologies. The future has already come and PayCrytpo Global is a direct confirmation of this.

And last

  • We try to make our system super easy to anyone. We hope we succeed!
  • We do not keep transactions after they are completed. Also we don't keep any another information (but while the transaction receives confirmations, it is stored in our database)
  • Counters on the main page are depersonalized numbers without any information behind them - it just numbers of our stats.
  • Required number of confirmations for coins:
    btc = 3 bch = 6 eth = 30 usdt ERC-20 = 12 dai ERC-20 = 12 trx = 20 usdt TRC-20 = 20 ltc = 6 dash = 6 ton = 1 doge = 50 bnb = 12 usdt BEP-20 = 12 dai BEP-20 = 12 busd BEP-20 = 12 xrp = 1

Currency rates

Embed our auto-update rates on your site: